Fit-Key Download


Fit-Key software is a comprehensive and intuitive tool for prescribing and documenting exercise protocols. This simple, 3-tiered program puts all of SCIFIT’s exclusive features and medical accuracy to work for you and allows you and your clients to easily track progress and improvement.

Fit-Key is an easy to use program that allows you to prescribe exercise using the unique features of SCIFIT products.

Fit-Key makes it easy to:screen-shots-1

  • Create customized workouts
  • Guide clients and prescribe exercise programs
  • Collect data, document results and provide reports
  • Motivate clients and show improvement


Available only in the US and Canada.



Fit-Key lets you create and use customized workouts on any SCIFIT product – and track progress over time. With plug-in-and-go convenience, helpful prompts and precise documentation of wattage, heart rate and other metrics, it’s easy to monitor and motivate for measurable improvement.



Fit-Key makes it easy to prescribe specialized exercise programs and track compliance and improvement. Want to prescribe a multi-product, cardio and strength workout? It’s no problem with Fit-Key.



The intuitive software lets medical professionals, personal trainers, educators and more efficiently create and store programs for multiple groups and individuals. Fit-Key provides smooth traffic flow through a circuit of exercises. With nothing for the user to set up, it’s as easy as pressing “Start”. Best of all, Fit-Key’s immediate and comprehensive feedback lets you adjust programs for maximum effectiveness, while motivating users toward their goals. Fit-Key software makes it easy to create and save customized exercise templates for individuals, groups or any combination.



Simply create an exercise program and save to a Fit-Key USB drive for total wireless portability and convenience.

The Fit-Key USB drive uploads the exercise program into the Intelli-Fit console of any SCIFIT product, and documents each entire workout using precise metrics.

Take results from workout to computer for the ultimate in performance feedback and tracking. Whether you’re looking for detailed results from an individual session or big-picture trends, Fit-Key’s friendly graphics show progress at a glance.