Constant Work Program

Constant Work
Constant Work is a SCIFIT program in which the workload, which is measured in watts, remains constant throughout the program. Watts has a direct correlation to METs and this measurement also remains constant throughout the program.

Increase Endurance
Constant Work helps users increase their levels of endurance. 

Built-In Limits
Constant Work provides an exercise program with limits built-in as a safeguard.

It Doesn’t Allow Cheating
There’s no cheating when using Constant Work. If the user slows down, the resistance increases. If the user speeds up, the resistance decreases, keeping them at a constant workload. 

Clients Are Doing Prescribed Work
A clinician or trainer can be assured their client will not exceed the workload prescribed to them.

SCIFIT Products Featuring Constant Work
All SCIFIT products feature the Constant Work program, except treadmills.