Bi-Directional Resistance

Bi-Directional Resistance
Bi-Directional resistance allows the user to exercise in both forward and reverse, changing directions at any time and as often as desired.

Reduce the Risk of Injury
By recruiting reciprocal muscle groups, bi-directional resistance helps reduce the risk of injury from muscle imbalance.

Prolong the Workout
Changing directions can decrease localized fatigue, resulting in the ability to prolong the workout. The user exercises at a lower level of perceived exertion and higher level of resistance, thereby achieving greater results.

Add Variety
Changing directions adds variety to a workout, engaging and motivating the user. For example, changing directions every 30 seconds allows an individual to use relatively fresh muscles and workout for a longer period than may have been possible otherwise.

Bi-Directional resistance helps condition the muscles used in performing basic activities of pushing, pulling and lifting.

SCIFIT Products Featuring Bi-Directional Resistance

  • ISO7000 Upright Bike
  • PRO1 Adjustable Upper Body Exerciser
  • PRO1 Sport Standing Upper Body Exerciser
  • PRO1000 Upper Body Exerciser
  • PRO1000 Sport Upper Body Exerciser
  • PRO2 Total Body Exerciser
  • PRO2 Sport Total Body Exerciser