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StepOne Fall Risk Reduction
Build confidence & stabilization muscles necessary to stand, walk & live life freely with the StepOne Recumbent Stepper.
Latitude Fall Risk Reduction
Trigger muscles not common with other exercise equipment with the innovative motion of the Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer.
Core Stix Fall Risk Reduction
Strengthen core stabilization muscles with the assistance and resistance of CoreStix.
SCIFIT Latitude Athletes
Physical therapist, marathoner and triathlete Mike Studer explains the multiple benefits of the SCIFIT Latitude.
SCIFIT - Athletic Training
SCIFIT's PRO1 Sport is featured in this video of a Sparq Training facility as seen on The Contneder.
Fast Fitness shares how they use SCIFIT equipment
Andrew Bates from Fast Fitness in Tulsa, Oklahoma talks about SCIFIT fitness equipment.
PRO2 Total Body Exerciser
An overview of the SCIFIT PRO2 Total Body Exerciser.
PRO1 Upper Body Exerciser
SCIFIT's PRO1 Upper Body Exerciser can be used seated or standing. The adjustable cranks, head, console and seat ensure a proper fit for all users. The PRO1 is wheelchair accessible and has three seat options.