Sports Performance

SCIFIT offers innovative products and programs that give athletes a competitive advantage. Whether they are training for that next big event or recovering from an injury, all athletes benefit from our unique Iso-Strength program and SCIFIT’s broad wattage range. Our Fit-Key system allows trainers to monitor, manage, and maintain the performance of their athletes. SCIFIT equipment and programs are a staple for the most elite training centers.


  • Easy to use
  • Accessible
  • Low starting resistance
  • 200 levels of resistance
  • Medical electronics
  • Endurance program
  • Safe strength program
  • Documentation


SCIFIT makes a wide variety of products with a focus on upper body only, lower body only, and total body movements. The following products are preferred products for sports performance and athletic facilities.

PRO1 Sport Standing Upper Body Exerciser
PRO1 Upper Body Exerciser
PRO1000 Sport Upper Body Exerciser
ISO1000 Upright Bike
ISO7000R Recumbent Bike
AC5000 Treadmill
PRO2® Sport Total Body Exerciser
SXT7000 Total Body Elliptical

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