SCIFIT equipment provides opportunities for people of all ages to live freely and stay moving. Our equipment and programs help improve the strength, agility, balance, flexibility, endurance and motor control needed to make daily living easier. These improvements can reduce the risk of slips, trips and falls, and may help speed recovery from injuries.

SCIFIT equipment is unintimidating, easy to use and features simple movements to improve functional health and promote independence.


Easy to Use

Simple, familiar movements, large touch screen with high color contrast and large font size.


Direct wheelchair access, low step over, swivel seats, assistive handrails and steps.

Low Starting Resistance

Comfortable starting resistances for all users.

191 Levels of Resistance

Progress is made possible with small incremental adjustments.

Medical Electronics

Certified products have been calibrated to allow exact training protocols for the RPM and constant work (Watts and METs).

Constant Work Program

Eliminates watt conversion by providing Watts and MET values on the product display screen.

Safe Strength Program

Resistance training without intimidating, cumbersome weights.


Proper documentation for effective equipment usage.

SCIFIT makes a wide variety of products with a focus on upper body only, lower body only, and total body movements. The following products are preferred for senior centers, retirement communities, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, and long term care.

With an increasing demographic of adults, SCIFIT is proactively creating solution-oriented products that both reduce the risk of falling and encourage healthy living in those prone to the various effects of aging.