Hospitals, rehabilitation centers and therapy clinics worldwide have used SCIFIT equipment for over 25 years to meet the needs of their patients. With the most extensive line of rehabilitation equipment and programs, SCIFIT has a solution every step of the way to assist clinicians in maintaining and restoring maximum movement and function for their patients. Our equipment is easy to use, safe, comfortable and provides medical accuracy to coincide with the quality of care clinicians provide for their patients.

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Whether by assessments to measure a patient’s ability to exercise in Phase I or improving strength and endurance in Phase III, SCIFIT is the solution to help patients progress throughout their cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation sessions. Clinicians rely on SCIFIT’s extensive line of rehabilitation equipment and programs to assist them in reducing the risk of future heart problems and improving the quality of life of their patients.

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Physical activity is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for anyone, and especially so for someone in a weight loss program. In fact, exercise is the key to long term success in the journey to a healthy weight. Using SCIFIT equipment and programs can help improve strength, balance, flexibility and endurance to make it easier to perform daily activities. SCIFIT equipment has a solution for everyone with a broad range of options: weight bearing and non-weight bearing products; upper body only, lower body only, and total body movements.

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SCIFIT equipment provides opportunities for people of all ages to stay active.  Using our equipment and programs can help improve strength, balance, flexibility and endurance to make it easier to perform the activities of daily living.  These improvements can also help prevent slips, trips and falls, and may help speed recovery from injuries. SCIFIT equipment is easy to use and features simple, familiar movements to improve functional health and promote independence.

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From Innovative PE programs to outfitting your campus fitness center, SCIFIT has the solution for your school. In the ongoing battle against childhood obesity, SCIFIT is making it fun and easy for more kids to get active and stay active. SCIFIT products are easily accessible and easy to use, allowing children of all abilities to benefit from exercise. Our programs can help increase participation in PE classes and help instructors track progress. Adding SCIFIT to your campus fitness center allows you to serve a more diverse student population. Our equipment is made for students of all levels and abilities. Durable and reliable SCIFIT equipment is ideal for the demanding student environment.

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Our goal is to improve the health and safety of firefighters, law enforcement officials, and military personnel by improving their strength and cardio condition. Our customized programs are crafted to correlate directly with job tasks. SCIFIT programs will get them ready for the job, improve fitness levels, and promote teamwork and camaraderie. Use SCIFIT to prepare for assessments, improve job performance, and maintain health and fitness.

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Whether it’s a few pieces of equipment in a 100 square foot area or a state of the art fitness center, SCIFIT meets the needs of corporations and their employees.  Corporate fitness programs have been shown to reduce insurance costs, increase productivity and boost morale.  SCIFIT equipment meets the challenges of the corporate environment.  It is durable, safe and requires little supervision with the aid of our exclusive USB Fit-Key technology.  SCIFIT offers a great blend of cardio equipment to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

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SCIFIT offers innovative strength and cardio workouts and program options not found on other equipment. SCIFIT equipment is reliable and durable to stand up to the most demanding environments. Our top quality equipment and programs meet the needs of everyone from old to young and from beginner to elite athlete.SCIFIT offers programs that help attract and retain members. The programs take the guesswork out of getting started and staying on track. They can be customized to fit individual goals and deliver results. SCIFIT’s programs can also track progress and are extremely time efficient.

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SCIFIT offers innovative products and programs that give athletes a competitive advantage. Whether they are training for that next big event or recovering from an injury, all athletes benefit from our unique Iso-Strength program and SCIFIT’s broad wattage range. Our Fit-Key system allows trainers to monitor, manage, and maintain the performance of their athletes. SCIFIT equipment and programs are a staple for the most elite training centers.

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SCIFIT’s Inclusive Fitness equipment is designed to be used by individuals of all ages and abilities while meeting the needs of individuals who have cognitive, sensory or physical disabilities. These products serve a wide range of people and add value and variety to your fitness offering. The Inclusive Fitness equipment is particularly suitable for special populations due to the accessibility, comfort, adjustability, and ease of use.

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