SCIFIT prescribes progress for people of all lifestyles—so they can live life more freely and confidently. We support products that activate muscles used in improving everyday life. In other words, we offer products that replicate “functions” we do on a daily basis. This is the reason for such heavy emphasis on functional training.

This is precisely why we recommend bundling these three products together and making sure you’re getting the most out of your functional training program.

Flagship Trainers For Your Wellness Facility

Core Stix Functional Trainer

Allows people to train their muscles for foundational movements like picking up items off the floor, standing up from chairs, using the washroom and a myriad other functions.

Latitude Lateral Stability Trainer

Offers a surefire way of activing the lateral stability
muscles used when walking and balancing.


StepOne Recumbent Stepper

Gives people the ability to train muscles for something like
climbing stairs without having to climb an actual stepper or use other intimidating machinery.