When you pair SCIFIT with ergoline, you gain more than control of the exercise. You gain time, customization and safety. Most importantly, you gain patient interaction.

With less cross documentation and lower operating costs, you have more time and resources to better serve your patients.

Incorporating this innovative cardiac rehab solution can increase your opportunities to develop and improve patient-clinician relationships, promote positive feedback, educational discussions and program adherence.

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  • Seamlessly monitor heart rate with wireless, ECG Bluetooth transmitters with up to a 100-meter range
  • Automatically adjust workload based on biofeedback and continuous target/ actual comparison
  • Increase or decrease workload automatically based on patient biofeedback or adjust from the telemetry system


  • ers.2 software automatically records all training, leaving more time for patient interaction and less time spent on data entry and paperwork
  • Accurate METs, Watts and heart rate are all recorded automatically for improved tracking and trend analysis
  • Integrates with AACVPR Registry
  • Customize individual treatment plans
  • EHR compatible using HL7 bi-directional interface
  • Improves workflow
  • Increases clinician and patient interaction

Using breakthrough-technology with ergoline and SCIFIT, I can fine-tune my daily exercise prescriptions based on live biofeedback without leaving the patients' side. This allows for maximum progress with the FITT Principle for every patient, every session. As a result, this increases patient adherence to the program because they are constantly aware of their progress. Perhaps the best feature is the ergoline software allows me to control the SCIFIT equipment with interval training and HR-controlled training. Interval training has shown to provide maximum benefits with heart patients; a critical component added to the workflow.

Travis DiLeo, MS, CSCS, USAW
Exercise Physiologist
Cardiac Rehab Manager
Central PA Physician’s Group 

Learn how you can fine-tune your daily exercise prescriptions without leaving your patients side like Travis.