Benefits and Uses of the Recumbent Stepper

oihwg StepOne fixed height swivel seat replaces RST lineA_06When patents suffer a traumatic event, such as surgery or an accident, cardiac rehab is generally part of a plan to make a full recovery. However, limiting factors like lowered stamina, weight issues, or degenerative joint conditions create a challenge for many adults when it comes time to complete a rehabilitation program. In fact, it’s not uncommon for patients to be apprehensive or even resistant to a rehab regimen.

Enter the recumbent stepper. Designed specifically with elderly patients and those recovering from injury in mind, these machines make exercise more enjoyable and beneficial through the use of a seated arrangement, taking unnecessary pressure off the joints, and making additional bodyweight and the impact of standing irrelevant. And at the same time, these patients are still receiving the strenuous exercise necessary to achieve the cardiac and pulmonary output.

Unlike other recumbent steppers SCIFIT’s StepOne appeals to a wider selection of the market by offering wheelchair access and a low starting resistance, allowing anybody to accomplish their goals. By relieving the body weight of the user and allowing wheelchair access, there is a seamless transition to exercise. Elderly patients and those with spinal complications find it easier to fulfill their therapy prescriptions through the use of the StepOne Recument Stepper. In addition to the benefits of exercise, the StepOne also allows a therapist to monitor vital signs of the patient, providing ample access to the patient for unhindered monitoring, providing a safe environment for staff and the patient alike.

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