8 Great Reasons for Upper Body Exercise

8. Boost Performance8 Great Reasons for Upper Body Exercise
From the professional athlete to the weekend warrior, adding upper body cardio conditioning to a workout routine can improve overall performance.

7. Stay Fit While Recovering from Injury
Upper body exercise provides a way to stay fit while recovering from a lower body injury or surgery such as ACL and total hip and knee replacements. It is also a good option for those suffering a debilitating condition or paralysis.

6. Cross Train    
Cross training with upper body exercise increases overall efficiency, power, and endurance as well as decreased the risk of injury.

5. Warm Up Efficiently
Five minutes on an upper body exerciser, changing directions every 30 seconds, warms up and prepares the shoulders, elbows, wrists, chest, back and neck for exercise.

4. Strength Train Safely
In addition to cardiovascular work, SCIFIT’s Upper Body Exercisers feature a safe, simple strength program. This Iso-Strength program is perfect for anyone, who does not like, or does not have time for traditional strength training.

3. Move in Both Directions
Bi-Directional resistance allows the user to exercise in both forward and reverse. It aids recruitment or reciprocal muscle groups and reduces the risk of injury from muscle imbalance. It also decreases localized fatigue, resulting in the ability to prolong the exercise.

2. Improve Core Strength and Stability
The upper body rotary motion fires core stabilizing muscles, strengthening the abdominal and back muscles.

1. Enhance Daily Activities
The shoulder joint has a greater range of motion capability than any other joint in your body. Flexibility is important because it enables your arms to perform all kinds of activities such as pushing, pulling, reaching, and lifting.