7 Keys to Exercise Equipment Accessibility

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when we say accessibility? Is it a wheelchair?

You’re on the right track. Wheelchairs are a big part of it, but exercise equipment accessibility encompasses much more.


Accessible equipment must address people with all types of limitations and abilities and help promote independence in these individuals. Sometimes these features are obvious, other times they are so integrated into the equipment, they are inconspicuous. To help you identify these, we’ve put together 7 key characteristics that define accessible equipment.

1. Removable Seat

Our seats roll off for direct wheelchair access — no tools required. The integrated handle on the back of the seat helps with easy removal.

2. Open Architecture with True Step-Through Design


The step-through design allows those with limited mobility or flexibility to safely and easily enter and exit our products. Some seats on other brands adjust on a sloped monorail, making it difficult for weaker users to make seat adjustments. Our zero-slope seat adjustment means the seat moves back and forth on a flat monorail, giving the user complete control.

3. Swivel Seat

Our premium seat rotates 360° with locking points every 90° and has seat adjustment levers on both sides, allowing a clinician to assist the user from either side of the product.

The swivel seat makes it easy for individuals to enter and exit the products and also helps with users who wish to transfer from a wheelchair to the equipment.

4. Multiple Adjustments

Accessible equipment typically has 3 major points of adjustment to help accommodate users of all sizes and help control range of motion.

  • Height adjustable seat with recline
  • Adjustable handles and cranks
  • Therapist assist pedals for assistance in adjusting the seat


5. Special Console Features

Our console tilts to accommodate users of all heights. To aid users who are visually impaired, the SCIFIT console has:

  • A high-contrast, non-reflective display that’s easy to read
  • Tactile markings and tactile buttons
  • Audible beeps to confirm selections

6. Low Starting Resistance

SCIFIT’s starting resistance is 6 watts. This means it takes only about a quarter-turn of the cranks to light the console. This provides low functioning or very weak individuals an opportunity to exercise.

7. Adaptive Accessories


Accessories help adapt exercise equipment and allow users with limited mobility or other physical limitations to exercise safely and effectively. Our Inclusive Fitness products include many of these accessories. You can also get these accessories for many of our other products.

  • Assist gloves – help with grip
  • Low Support Boots (and large foot beds) – help secure foot placement
  • Leg Stabilizers – support the legs during exercise
  • Wheelchair Ramps and Platforms – provide increased stability
  • Bariatric Seat – this seat is 5 inches wider than our premium and standard seats and supports users up to 600 lbs.

We hope we have expanded your knowledge when it comes to accessible products. These 7 keys to accessibility allow individuals to be independent and have direct access to exercise. At SCIFIT, we are committed to making exercise equipment accessible for all ages and abilities. For more information, download our accessibility brochure.

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