21 Things to Know about SCIFIT’s New Seat System


When it comes to seated exercise, the seat is more important than you might think.
  • It must be comfortable and supportive.
  • It must not get in the way of the exercise.
  • It must be accessible and have all the right adjustments.
We take these things very seriously when it comes to our seats. At SCIFIT, we’ve redesigned our seat system from the ground up to meet all of the needs of your facility. Across our product line, you can now choose from 3 seat options: Premium, Standard, and Bariatric. In this post, we’ve outlined 21 things you need to know about our new seats.


Across the Board (all 3 seats)

1. Removable Seat
An integrated handle on the seat back makes seat removal a breeze on products with direct wheelchair access.SCIFIT-New-Seats-023

2. Therapist Assist Pedals
360 degree Therapist Assist Pedals let the user or therapist adjust forward and backward from any point around the equipment.


3. Durable Non-Slip Upholstery
Premium, non-slip upholstery gives the seat a modern look and adds durability. In high-use settings, durability is everything.

4. Zero-Sloping Movement
Zero-sloping forward and back motion lets users to adjust forward and backward on our level monorail for optimum control and easy adjustments.

5. Easy Maintenance
2-piece seat pad design makes it easy to replace pads.

Premium Seat

6. It’s The Best
The premium seat is our best and most adjustable seat. If accessibility and adjustability are important to you, this is your seat.

7. Reduced Hamstring Interference
Our custom seat shape helps reduce hamstring interference.

8. Same Width as Previous Seat
Although the shape is different, the new premium seat is the same width as our former bucket seat.

9. Recline
Recline to any point within a 23 degree range. Ideal for fitting different sizes and shapes, increasing comfort and controlling hip angle.


10. 360 Degree Swivel
The user can turn the seat in any direction with 360 degree swivel that locks at each 90 degree angle for safety. Makes for easy entry and exit or transfer from wheelchair.

11. Height Adjustment
We’ve added 4.5” to the height range, so you can now adjust anywhere from 18.5” to 23″.

12. Optional Seat Belt
Our optional seat belt gives users added security and stability.

13. Adjustments on Both Sides of the Product
Reach all adjustment levers from both sides for easy access. Therapist or clinician can adjust from either side of the seat.


14. 450 lb. User Weight Capacity
We’ve beefed up the bases to provide a solid foundation for a wide range of users.

Standard Seat


15. Adjust Forward and Back
The same great look and design as the premium seat with forward and back adjustability only.

16. Fitness Friendly
Ideal for fitness environments where minimal supervision is required

17. 500 lb. User Weight Capacity
Tough and durable.

Bariatric Seat


18. Five Inches Wider
Our oversized bariatric seat is 5 Inches wider than the premium and standard seats, making larger users feel safe and comfortable.

19. Side Handles
Includes side handles for added support.

20. Forward and Back Adjustment
Adjusts forward and backward only.

21. 600 lb. User Weight Capacity
Ideal for bariatric use or anywhere large user capacity is needed.

We could have plopped any old seat on our products, but we didn’t. We took the time, did the research and engineered each seat to fit the needs of you and your clients, whatever their size, shape and ability level.