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Iso-Strength Program
SCIFIT's Iso-Strength Program allows the user to set a fixed RPM. The equipment automatically adjusts the resistance using isokinetic resistance, not allowing the user to go over their target RPM. This provides a safe, functional strength workout. It is ideal for interval training.
Constant Work Program
SCIFIT's Constant Workload Program allows the user to set a fixed workload (watts) and the machine automatically adjusts the resistance to keep the user near their target.
SCIFIT Heavy Duty Wheelchair Ramp
Our heavy duty wheelchair ramp is approximately 1½" high for manual and powered wheelchair accessibility. It provides increased stabilization and a sturdy foundation for wheelchairs.
SCIFIT Intelli-Fit Overview
A dynamic overview of SCIFIT's exclusive Intelli-Fit Console. Find out how Intelli-Fit can benefit you.
SCIFIT Bike Accessories
Several accessories are available for SCIFIT bikes to help maximize performance, comfort and fit. Accessories include: sports performance pedals, adjustable pedal cranks, and low support boots.
SCIFIT Bi-Directional Resistance
SCIFIT's bi-directional resistance allows the user to exercise in both forward and reverse, changing directions at any time and as often as desired.